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January 6th, 2014    

Ferrum Thoughts

No actual episode but going to start using this more as a proper blog as well.

Recently there's been a big discussion on ways to 'fix' for want of a better term the imbalance of the Ferrum Drone base.
The Key issues with the Ferrum boil down to a few issues.
1. Drone reinforcements - With the recent update it can only deploy a maximum of 4 a turn (Apart from the first) though the drones themselves are free
2. Too much utility in the drones
3. Virtually infinite offensive resource

As you can see from the above the issue boils down to the drones themselves being able to do everything. So I'll give my thoughts below on some of my idea's to help balance the drones.

Keep the points cost of the vehicle but restrict it to 1 per 1000 or 1500 points. This way it solves the Ferrum spam that can be a huge game breaker.
The four drones a turn deployment I actually like, so I would recommend keeping that.
As for the drones themselves I would either give them a killpoints cost (IE 10/15 per drone) Or (And this may be controversial) have you buy a drone squadron seperately. Hear me out here before grabbing your torches and pitchforks. (Arbritary points costs will follow just for example)

When you get a drone base it comes with a squadron of scout drones that can do nothing more other than spot and extend your SOI (Squadron of 8 for example)
For 40 points you can get a squadron of 8 drones armed with an energy 6 AA weapon that can ONLY target AA (Possibly reaction fire but not too sure there) (5pts per drone for killpoints)
For 60 points you get a squadron of 8 drones pretty much how they are now. Though with focus 2 or 1 but cannot reaction fire. (Indiviual drones worth 8pts for killpoints)
Lastly for 80 points you get a squadron of 4 Heavy drones with an energy 9 or 8 SC anti-ground weapon (1 or 2 shots. Focus 2) and a weak (energy 5) short range AA weapon (1 shot, no focus) (10 points per drone for killpoints)
In all the above the drones are still scouts but now add to the cost of the Ferrum and provide killpoints for your opponent and IMHO bring the dronebase into line with cost vs effectiveness.

December 21st, 2012    

Episode 2 - UCM in focus

Hi Guys,

Little late with this one thanks to illness and it does end rather suddenly (Skype gods hated us that night)

Anyway here is our overview of the UCM as a faction and the FFOR


News : 00:00 - 4:43

Events : 4:44 - 9:55

Faction Focus : 9:56 - End (Skype cut out around 14:15 so may sound a little off)