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Podcast about Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames

April 29th, 2016    

No episode yet

As you've probably noticed we've not put an episode out yet. This is due to there not being much to talk about at the moment. As soon as we get something though we'll be putting an episode up.

Also if anyone is going to the UK Games Expo pop by the Hawk booth as we will be helping out

March 15th, 2016    

Episode 25. The Dropfleet special pt2

More Dropfleet information! And my headset sounds like it's picking up EVERYTHING. So will be looking to invest in a new one fairly soon.

Other than that we have some general information about Dropfleet things and how they play.

March 7th, 2016    

Upcoming Episode

Hello all!

Thanks to night shifts at work this weeks episode will be delayed. Having conferred with Dave at the Admirals day on Saturday we have a good idea of what we can talk about for this Dropfleet special.

February 8th, 2016    

Episode 24. Back and still kicking

We are back! Just a little summary of what's happened since last year and some upcoming things!


December 7th, 2015    

Christmas Break

Hi All,

As is usually the way this time of year we have a break over Christmas. If we get time there will be a quick episode published however due to work schedules this is looking unlikely.
Hope you all have a good Christmas and New Years

November 3rd, 2015    

Episode 23. Dropfleet Special

Longer than the other ones and should hopefully have sorted the volume balancing that's been going on in the last few episodes.

But enough of that I have a chat with Dave about the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter and hopefully get some questions answered

October 29th, 2015    

Upcoming Episode

Hi All,

Just wanted to take a moment and say that there will be an episode soon! Expect it next week (Either late Monday or early Tuesday)
The episode has been delayed as it is going to be a Dropfleet special and we've managed to wrangle some recording time with team Hawk about the kickstarter and the game itself.

September 26th, 2015    

First Wave Episode 22

Episode 22 is here! A briefer format from feedback at Invasion.

In this episode Steve takes the limelight with his rundown of Invasion while I put my UCM together. Next month ahead of the Kickstarter we're going to do a Dropfleet Special with a roundup of a large game featuring famous commanders

August 23rd, 2015    

Episode 21. The super long catchup special

After our summer hiatus we are back!

Be warned, this episode is over three hours long!
We have a Gencon roundup, I try and ramble through a sequence of dropfleet mechanics and then we dive into the new errata and units

April 27th, 2015    

Episode 20 has landed

Today we talk about the new releases from Salute and some of the bits of information about Dropfleet Commander!


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