first wave

Podcast about Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames

June 29th, 2013    

Episode 7 Scourging Idea’s

Hi Guys,

Here we have episode 7 at last. Getting closer too the length that I want it to be now for a monthly podcast.

Not really any timestamps needed as we have a little intro and speculation followed by an interview with David (Not David Lewis) or Hightower on the boards regarding his experience with the scourge so far.

Hope you enjoy


February 18th, 2013    

Episode 4 - Invasion aftermath and PHR Focus

Hi Guys,

After a months wait we finally have episode four ready! Should be in stereo too, volume has been balanced a bit as well so hopefully you won't have your ears burst this time.

In this episde we have the PHR's faction focus as well as a talk with Simon on how Invasion and Templecon went. The segment with Simon does cut out suddenly as our closing part came during some pieces that cannot be revealed yet.


January 16th, 2013    

Episode 3 - Interview with Dave and Simon

Hi Guys,

To kick off the new year we have an interview with Dave and Simon. It takes up the whole episode so there is no faction focus or rules school in this one.

Skype did cut out at 1:07:45 due to my laptop overheating. Lots of information and teasers in this episode!

Hope you enjoy :)